The Way Forward

As a brand we strive to get as much out of the materials we use. Remnants and scraps are used in our earrings, necklaces or in the lining of our shoes and bags. All of the material we use is pretty special to us, so we don't want to waste an inch. Not only does this help the environment by eliminating waste, but it also allows us to put majority of our costs in labour, as opposed to materials.

We truly believe in investing in the people who make our products. As a practice we get all our jewelry handmade from traditional patuas.

Our goal is to push harder to source material that is not just great to look at but sustainable. All our shoes will reach you in muslin bags.  

These bags are hand sewn by women from an NGO who work out of their homes to help support their families.

We are overjoyed that our shoes are made with lots of love by people who truly love what they do. So you can feel great in a pair of our shoes that won’t just bring a smile on your face, but smiles on the faces of the many skilled artisans you helped support. Working hand-in-hand with our artisans, we work towards giving them access to a safe job, a sustainable income and a real chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families, contributing to their well being and boosting morale

We want our little community of artisans to grow and need your help with finding more work to help us engage many more skilled artisans. If you are looking/ know of someone who is looking to get shoes manufactured do write to us at for more information.