Shoe Repair & Care – Gush Accessories

MADE TO ORDER only. Code:- "FREESHIPPING" above Rs.5000. No exchange/refund/return.

Shoe Repair & Care

We know you are reading this because you want to take better care of your Gush pairs. So let's get right to the good news; it's pretty easy.

Our idea is that your pair stays with you for a long, long time. But for this to happen, and for your friendship with your Gush to be long lasting, it is important to take some basic care.

  • Try and keep your shoes/straps stuffed with plain non printed paper crumpled into a ball to maintain shape
  • You can also ask us for our upcycled fabric stuffing to keep your straps in good shape
  • Always store your pair in the muslin bag along with the silica gel as provided at time of purchase
  • If you haven't worn your pair for more than 2 weeks, we suggest you air them out, keep them in the sun and walk around in them a bit so they don’t feel left out!
  • In case of fungus formation in the monsoons, we suggest you wipe your pair with a wet cloth and dry in the sun and store as suggested above
  • For extra care ask us for our special vetro spray that helps keep dust and water away from shoes.

We strongly believe in repairing and not throwing away! Hence, we shall do the following repairs for you free of charge for the first 3 months from the date of purchase :

  • Sole/heel separates from the shoe
  • Straps break
  • Material peels
  • Embroidery/fittings break or fall off
  • Embroidery/fittings/edge of the shoe causes shoe bite


ALL couriers of this nature will be borne by the customer themselves.